Our very first Community Conversation!

We had our very first Community Conversation last month and it was simply amazing! We witnessed neighbors come together and talk, listen, agree and also disagree with one another in a graceful way. Gentrification is a complex topic that evokes a variety of emotions and opinions so we were grateful to be able to discuss it in a way that was helpful and promoted an exchanging of ideas, viewpoints, and tangible takeaways.

One of the biggest wins of our time together was that everyone in attendance met someone that they did not know. This accomplished one of our purposes for even having Community Conversations - to help connect people together who may not ordinarily cross paths, with hopes of fostering a greater sense of community with one another.

We not only believe in helping people find a home that they will love but we also believe in connecting people to the community. Our conversation for the month of May will be Education. Please stay connected to us on Instagram & Facebook for date and location.

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