My Neighborhood Story

What brought you to the West end? This is a question that is often asked when you meet someone new in the West End.

I love sharing my neighborhood story. In 2010 I had just moved to Atlanta and was living in Old Forth ward renting an apartment with my husband and then 2 boys. My good friend Richard approached a small group of our friends and asked if we would join him and move to the West side of Atlanta. You see at that time people wasn't calling the #Westsideisthebestside. There was a very negative perception of the nieghborhood.

My husband and I and 3 other families began meeting weekly, planning and strategizing about our move. None of us were from Atlanta and didn't really know any of the amazing treasures about the west side at the time. We had no idea about the Beltline and any of that. We just wanted to move to a neighborhood that had culture, community, a grocery store (which we now know is a luxury) and a place that if we called the police they would come. lol

We would drive around and pray for direction where God was leading us. Then shortly after he lead us to the Historic West End. (on Beecher st exactly) We love our neighborhood and everything about it! New and Old.

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