Where you been? I've been gone..

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

#45 was elected, I was hurt and I disappeared.

Blogging is not for the faint at heart

I hear this from Bloggers all of the time. I mostly hear it when decsribing the amount of work Bloggers put into their businesses behind the scenes. That's not what I was referring to though. I rarely see people talk about the amount of vulnerability blogging requires.

In 2017 I just couldn't do it. Trump got elected, it sent me into an emotional hiding place and I was hurt.

I started my realestate team and my business took off. I just didn't have enough time to process what I was feeling emotionally and I was not about to do it in realtime with the world on my blog! So that's when the pause came...

After some prayer, time and encouragement from my close friends I'm back!

I'm coming back with a twist. You will still see me get to love on my community but also I'll share more about me.

Pray for me! I'm an 8 on the ennegram and it is not easy for me to be vulnerable.

My prayer is that sharing my world will bless someone else..

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